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Airports are amongst the world’s busiest and most technologically complex locations; their safety and efficiency is critical for industries as diverse as holiday and business travel to specialist defence operations. Cleveland Cable Company’s range of cables tailored to use in airports prioritises operational reliability in all safety-critical applications, covering lighting, data-cabling and emergency infrastructure. Our cables are designed and rigorously tested to ensure resistance to water, UV radiation, oils, greases, and defrosting fluids so that they may be relied upon in any location or system within an airport environment.


ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation), FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) and CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved primary and secondary circuit cables connecting directional and emergency lighting systems to runway, taxiway and apron. 2kV and 5kV, PVC or HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) sheathing, metallic screening and/or armouring as required.

Baggage Handling

Monitoring and control systems are essential for the efficient handling of large and ever-growing amounts of luggage and freight within the airport terminal. Cleveland Cable Company’s broad range of cables can cover any and all needs to keep throughput high.

Terminal Buildings

Terminals are the most passenger-critical buildings within an airport complex. Services requiring cabling include passenger motility devices (escalators, travelators), flight announcement PA and displays, fire suppression infrastructure (including fire-resistant cables), lighting, and AC systems.

Critical Data Transmission

Low latency and lag-free data transmission within the airport complex is critical, ensuring flight gate, departure and delay information is displayed when and where it is needed. Even more essential however, is the integrity and reliability of the data infrastructure relied upon by the air traffic control tower and associated systems. Cleveland Cable Company can supply cables that meet and exceed these requirements.

GPUs (Ground Power Units)

400Hz ground support cables are critical for connecting aircraft to GPUs. Cleveland Cable Company can supply high-quality, reliable cable for this and all other airport purposes.