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Building & Construction

Industrial, commercial, public and large-scale domestic building projects have a gamut of cabling requirements, ranging from connections to the electricity grid, fixed wiring for fire alarm or fire suppression systems, through to building management systems controlling climate and lighting, or infrastructure such as elevators and escalators.

UK & European regulation of cables in the building and construction industry (except fire performance cabling) are subject to the Construction Projects Regulation (CPR). Cleveland Cable Company is fully CPR compliant, and confirms that all cables manufactured since 1st July 2017 have been assessed in-line with CPR regulations (where applicable).

Medium Voltage cables

Facilitating connections to the wider energy Distribution Network Operator (DNO) infrastructure, Cleveland Cable Company’s range of medium voltage power cables includes copper or aluminium conductors, with or without waterblocking construction in armoured or non-armoured variants.

Low Voltage cables

A range of cables sheathed in PVC (BS5467), LSZH (BS6724) or alternatively rubber cables where flexibility in complex installations is required.

Fixed Wiring

Running through walls, cavity spaces or conduits, connecting sockets, switches and fittings fixed wiring can be installed using simple twin and earth cable (sheathed in either PVC or LSZH) or more complex, multi-core cable.

Building Management Systems

Used to control climate and lighting systems, helping to make buildings greener and more comfortable, building management systems require cabling for control and power applications.

LSZH Cables

Public buildings or those holding sensitive equipment may require cabling sheathed with Low Smoke, Zero Halogen (LSZH) material. LSZH sheathing (available across the Cleveland Cable Company range) emits none of the toxic gasses PVC releases when subject to fire conditions, whilst smoke from burning LSZH material also maintains a minimum of 60% light visibility. 

Construction Industry Cable Compliance

The following are the national and international construction industry regulations Cleveland Cable Companies cables adhere to:

BS7617 18th Edition Wiring Regulations

Adherence to the 18th edition of the UK Wiring Regulations, covering low voltage electrical installations, has been mandatory since January 2019. Cleveland Cable Company's products are fully BS7617 compliant (where applicable).

CPR compliant cables

Adherence to the Construction Products Regulation to EN 50575 has been mandatory since July 2017. Cleveland Cable Company’s products are fully CPR compliant (where applicable).

Typical Building & Construction Cables