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telecommunications cables

Our range of telecommunication cables meet a broad variety of requirements, including transmission of voice and data signals across fibre optic and copper media, outdoor telephone cables, and in coaxial or twisted pair construction. Such cables can be found in applications as diverse as data centres, mobile networks, and safety-critical industrial and railway telecommunication systems

Telephone Cable

We supply a broad range of external telephone cable which is designed to tolerate weather extremes, ensuring a long life. Our range of internal and external telephone cables can be ordered with or without steel wire armouring. Our telephone cables are manufactured to applicable national standards, including British Telecom (BT Approved), CW1128, CW1128/1198, CW1308, CW1308B.

Telephone Cable (British) Use
CW1308B Indoor/Outdoor
CW1308 Indoor / Outdoor
CW1128 Outdoor
CW1128/1198 Outdoor telephone cable (direct burial)
CW1423 IDC blocks PVC insulation cable
Data Centre Cables

We supply the full range of cabling required by data centres, from power and BMS infrastructure through to high throughput Cat7, Cat6 and Cat5e data networking cables.

LAN Cables

We supply (in bulk) a broad range cables for use in data networking infrastructure, from 10GB/sec over 100m Cat7 to the more common Cat6A, Cat6 and Cat5e.