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Cleveland Cable Company supplies a broad range of cables for use in mission-critical power supply and control system applications across the defence industry. Designed to withstand the harshest environments, our cables are trusted and preferred by leading defence contractors and organisations.

UK defence standards are amongst the most demanding in the world, requiring us to supply cables that comply with MoD (Ministry of Defence) defence standard 61-12 parts 4,5 and 6. Cleveland Cable Company’s products meet and exceed this requirement, resulting in our power, control and telecommunications cables seeing service across the UK’s armed forces.

Cables designed to meet MoD 61-12 parts 4, 5 and 6 must withstand a broad temperature range; from the lows of polar environments and high altitudes to the highs of desert environments and combat situations. They must also withstand the corrosive and wearing effects experienced at sea and in poor weather, as well as being flexible enough for use in aircraft and other vessels, vehicles, processes and systems.

Due to its high specification and toughness, defence standard cabling supplied by Cleveland Cable Company is also commonly used in non-military, yet equally challenging, applications.