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Original Equipment Manufacturers produce both core components and finished equipment for a range of industries as diverse as food, pharmaceuticals, and material handling. OEM manufacturing requires cable components in many fields such as automation, data handling, and switchgear.

Cleveland Cable Company’s range of cables can cover the great majority of applications, however OEMs may require bespoke solutions engineered to exacting tolerances and designed to comply with a range of industry standards and regulations. Our team of experts can both engage with customer specification processes and source the right cable for any purpose.

LSZH Cables

Low Smoke Zero Halogen material sheathed cables are required to be installed in circumstances where, in the event of a fire, toxic fumes emitted from PVC sheathed cables may be hazardous to personnel or damaging to sensitive equipment. The Cleveland Cable Company LSZH sheathed range of cables includes N2XH Class 2, N2XH class 5 and H07ZZ-F equipment and distribution power cables. Low voltage armoured cables are also available, compliant with British Standard BS6724, in a both single and multi-core configurations.

Control and Monitoring Cables

Cleveland Cable Company’s range of SY, CY, YY, and broad selection of servo and ethernet cables are suitable for use in data transmission and equipment interconnect applications.