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EV Charging

Elevate the electric vehicle charging experience with our exclusive Connect-EV cable range. Explore our selection, including the Cat5e, DC, and H07BZ5-F Electric Charging Cables. One of the standout features of our Connect-EV series is the seamless integration of power and data connections.

Say goodbye to complex installations. Our Connect-EV cables come equipped with Class 5 conductors, streamlining the setup process. Whether it’s for a seasoned electric vehicle enthusiast or a first-time owner, you'll appreciate the ease of installing our cables. Getting a charging station up and running has never been easier.

Crafted in Europe by trusted suppliers, our Connect EV cables undergo rigorous quality assessments to meet European standards. Engineered with a robust PVC outer sheath, capable of enduring the elements all while delivering peak performance.

Additionally, we can also supply a wide range of power cables for transporting energy from generating stations to vehicle connections.

At Cleveland Cable Company, we recognise the importance of having the right EV cable on hand when you need it most. That's why we maintain extensive stock levels of our Connect-EV electric charging range. We're also committed to offering competitive prices making electric vehicle ownership more accessible to others, get in touch for a quote today!