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The renewable energy industry uses technologies such as solar, windfarm, hydroelectric, tidal and biofuels to generate electricity with greatly reduced environmental impact compared to traditional power generation infrastructure. This green revolution is gathering pace, moving from niche, low yield or experimental phases into a highly regarded and established component of the UK’s power generation mix.

Cleveland Cable Company’s range of cables for use in the renewable energy industry has been specifically designed to facilitate the interconnection of equipment and private power networks before their link up to national power infrastructure.

Our range includes cables such as the H1Z2Z2-K solar PV cable (compliant with EN-50618), designed specifically for solar panel connections, alongside more general purpose power cables for networks, and low voltage Tri-rated (BS, UL, CSA) cables for controls and monitoring applications.

Medium Voltage Cables

Typically, our IEC 60502-2 medium voltage cables (in both armoured and non-armoured variants) are used for primary connections between renewable energy generation technologies and the primary power network. Armoured cables are manufactured to comply with British Standard BS6622 (PVC sheaths) or British Standard BS7835 (LSZH sheaths). Non-armoured cables are available in configurations that include single or dual water blocking layers, and with either copper or aluminium conductors.

Solar Cables

EN 50618 H1Z2Z2-K cables and connectors are used to connect solar PV panels to power distribution networks. H1Z2Z2 was introduced in 2014, and is the current industry European standard.

Wind Turbines

Cleveland Cable Company can supply a wide range of cables to meet specifications required by any interconnection within a wind farm complex. Factors to consider in such specifications include resistance to torsion and bending stresses due to constant motion, through to core count and cable construction required in control systems.


In hydro-electric power generation applications, cables are often required to withstand complete or partial immersion in water at varying depths. Cleveland Cable Company can supply cables such as the H07RN-8-F, which is suitable for installation in shallow depth fresh water, through to marine cables for use at greater depths.

Biomass Facilities

Biofuel or Biomass facilities producing energy from agricultural by-products require combinations of low and medium voltage power cables. Cleveland Cable Company can supply cables suitable for any application within such plants, such as the H07RN-F and H07ZZ-F (LSZH) rubber flexible cables typically used for generator interlinking.