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High Voltage Rail Cable | MDPE 25/44KV

This single core, high voltage rail cable boasts incredible durability and reliability, and has gained Network Rail product acceptance.

This rail cable is for distributing three phase AC electrical power to high voltage systems on electrified rail lines, supporting rail infrastructure.


Our broad range of rail cables and accessories are manufactured to comply with applicable national regulations and industry standards. This compliance is audited and monitored by third parties such as Achilles on behalf of Network Rail.


Conductor Stranded copper conductors
Inner Semi Conductor Extruded inner semi conductor (bonded type)
Insulation Cross linked Polyethlyene (XLPE)
Outer Semi Conductor Extruded semi conductor (strippable type)
Screening Copper wires & open helix copper tape to 83mm
Seperator Copper tape (O.H) plus non-conductive water blocking tape
Sheath Medium density polyethlyene (MDPE) with graphite coating
Voltage Rating 25kv/44kv
Maximum Perm Conductor Temp 90°C
Maximum Perm Operating Temp 130°C
Short Circuit Temp 250°C

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