CMP Cable Glands

There are many factors to be considered when selecting cable glands for industrial installations. Neglecting to give due attention to these
factors could cause unnecessary difficulties at a crucial point in time where most inconvenience and expense can result. It is most desirable to avoid discovering that, once all other equipment is onsite or installed, the glands have not been ordered or are the wrong size or type.

Good practice would be to allocate some planning and preparation time to cable gland selection. This will help avoid the possible disruption which could result at a critical point of the installation process.  In the event of a project schedule of cables being available Cleveland Cable are happy to offer a gland selection and sizing service.

Please contact our sales team on 01642 241133 or email for further information or assistance.

Here is a summary of some aspects to carefully consider when selecting cable glands.

Identify the type of cable to be used.

Note(*): If the cable armour is of a non standard material i.e. Aluminium Wire Armour, it may be necessary to consider an alternative cable gland material e.g. Aluminium.

Note(**): For certain medium voltage and high voltage cables where the fault current carrying capacity of the cable armour is greater than that of the standard earth tag it may be necessary to consider a cable gland utilising a heavy Cast Integral Earth Lug (CIEL) option.

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