What is standard BS EN 50288-7?

Though BS5308 remains commonly in use it has actually been superceded by BS EN 50288-7 a new European standard. BS EN 50288-7 is the European standard for instrumentation, communication and control cables which has been agreed by the 28 supporting Cenelec Countries. It replaces the previous standard of BS5308 which was withdrawn in July 2009. BS5308 (often referred to as PAS 5308) is still widely used for this range and we will continue to hold stock, especially across the LSZH variations. For full product explanation, please refer to the attached Datasheet.

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4am London Delivery

Supply of 3 reels of Cable to an upper floor Regent Street address in London, Under a “London Lorry Control” submission to the Local Authority. 

Cleveland Cable Company London office received an order to deliver cable to an address in Regent Street central London. We applied to the Local authority for a London Lorry Control approval and agreed to arrive under a pre arranged route at 4am in order to have minimal effect on local business and pedestrians. 

3 large cable drums were to be lifted upon a 1st floor gantry to the rear of the building and through a doorway to where the drums needed to be sited. Our internal lift planner and transport manager arrived onsite in order to assess the situation. Our Lift Planner prepared a lifting plan, taking into account the weight and reach involved, location, surrounding environment, local bylaws and the ground and scaffold weight limits. 

A PM 38.5 lorry mounted loading crane, which has a telescopic boom mounted on a rigid vehicle was chosen for this delivery because it has full 360 degree rotation, 12 metre telescopic reach and can lift 3.2 tons at a range of 10 metres with a maximum reach of 12 metres. The entire process was engineered & coordinated by the in house talents of the Cleveland Cable logistics team.

New Vehicles

This is the latest vehicle which is part of our ongoing vehicle replacement and upgrade program to replace 10 vehicles within the company. 

We are upgrading the brand to #Mercedes and Scania and mounting PM or palfinger cranes. Cranes are now being mounted behind the cab and the truck bodies have been redesigned to reduce overall weight to improve fuel efficiency. 

The Vehicle shown is a Mercedes Actross 2535 6x2, which has a payload of approx 12 tonne and has been fitted with a #PM27 crane capable of lifting 6ton @ 6mtrs.   

The estimated time for all new vehicles on the road is End of April 2019. Watch this space for a new fleet photo soon.

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