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6181X Mains Cable - BS7889-12, XLPE, PVC - 50mm to 1000mm

6181X Mains Cable - BS7889-12, XLPE, PVC - 50mm to 1000mm
Last modified 07/01/2022 16:01:56

6181X is a PVC single core cable, double insulated with a voltage rating of 600/1000V. General surface wire cable for fixed installation, domestic and light industrial use. Brown core with black outer. Available in sizes from 50mm2 –1000mm2

  • BS7889-12
  • Flame propagation to BS EN 50265 (IEC 60332)

Conductor: 1mm2 - 2.5mm2: Solid Conductor | Above 2.5mm2: Plain annealed stranded circular copper conductor, single core
Insulation: Cross linked Polyethylene (XPLE) available in Brown
Sheath: PVC
Sheath Colour: Black


Voltage Rating:
50mm2 – 630mm2: 600/1000 Volts
Temperature Limits: -15°C to +90°C
Minimum Bending Radius: As per cable manufacturer datasheet

Should not be installed at temperatures below 0°C or above +60°C

For more information please consult a member of the Cleveland Cable Sales Team

Brown (Inner) - Black (Outer)



Code Description Qty / Metres  
6181X50 1X50 CU,XLPE,BRN,PVC,BLK,1KV,BS7889/12
6181X70 1X70 CU,XLPE,BRN,PVC,BLK,1KV,BS7889/12
6181X95 1X95 CU,XLPE,BRN,PVC,BLK,1KV,BS7889/12
6181X120 1X120 CU,XLPE,BRN,PVC,BLK,1KV,BS7889/12
6181X150 1X150 CU,XLPE,BRN,PVC,BLK,1KV,BS7889/12
6181X185 1X185 CU,XLPE,BRN,PVC,BLK,1KV,BS7889/12
6181X240 1X240 CU,XLPE,BRN,PVC,BLK,1KV,BS7889/12
6181X300 1X300 CU, XLPE,BRN,PVC,BLK,1KV,BS7889/12
6181X400 1X400 CU, XLPE,BRN,PVC,BLK,1KV,BS7889/12
6181X500 1X500 CU, XLPE,BRN,PVC,BLK,1KV,BS7889/12
6181X630 1X630 CU, XLPE,BRN,PVC,BLK,1KV,BS7889/12
6181X800 1X800 CU,XLPE,BRN,PVC,BLK,1KV,BS7889/12
6181X1000 1X1000 CU,XLPE,BROWN,PVC,BLACK,1KV,BS7889/12