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Legrand Cablofil Wire Tray

Legrand Cablofil wire tray is a steel wire cable tray management system designed to streamline cable management and organisation. The Cablofil range offers a robust solution for routing and supporting various types of cables from small commercial buildings to large industrial applications. Cablofil is quick and easy to install simply cut and shape lengths to form bends, tees, and cross pieces. Secure quickly and easily using a range of ‘slot and tab’ fixings that don’t require nuts and bolts.

Legrand Swifts Heavy Duty & Swifts Medium Duty Ladder

Legrand Swifts ladder is a comprehensive solution of slotted side rail cable ladders, that enables coupling of lengths without the need for drilling. Swifts offers durability and is available in lengths up to 4 meters making it suitable for industrial and commercial environments.

Legrand Heavy Duty Ladder offers durability and stability making it suitable for industrial and commercial environments.

Legrand Medium Duty Ladder features sturdy construction with integral couplers on all ladder fittings, halving the number of fixings.

Legrand Salamandre Steel Trunking

Salamandre Steel Trunking is a highly durable and versatile cable management solution from Legrand. This trunking system is designed to efficiently organise and protect electrical and data cables in various commercial and industrial environments.

Made from high-quality steel, Legrand Steel Trunking offers strength and safety ensuring long-lasting protection for the cables within. Its design allows for easy installation and flexibility, enabling customisation to suit specific cable routing requirements.

The Salamandre trunking system features a range of extras such as connectors, shake-proof screws, and clip-on lids simplifying cable installation and maintenance. The range provides a reliable and efficient cable management solution with significantly reduced fitting times.

Legrand Swifts Tray

Legrand Swifts Tray is a versatile and robust cable management solution. This tray system is widely used in commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects. Swifts Tray features durable construction, available in four lengths making it capable of withstanding heavy loads and can be used in both internal and external environments.