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Independent Connection Provider Cable

DNO Approved Cable


What is an ICP?

Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) ensure that electricity can be supplied from the National Grid to its intended end point. Working for Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs), ICPs may lay and connect cables, such as those in our medium voltage range (11kv to 33kv). In some cases, ICPs may install a new electrical substation to facilitate connections.

Cleveland Cable Company supplies a comprehensive range of Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and utility-approved cables for use by Independent Connection Providers. As a DNO supplier, our range includes all of the power cables and accessories used by electric utilities. From low voltage to medium voltage connections, to specialist switchgear systems and extra-high voltage cables, our range is extensive. Our DNO-approved range covers applications across transmission and distribution from central substations and the Power Grid itself.

Also available are several types of utility-approved cable used by the Northern Powergrid, UK Power Network, Western Power Distribution and Electricity Northwest. These include single core, 3 core, triplex, split concentric, straight concentric and waveform cables. Our Distribution Network Operator map highlights where current DNOs operate within the United Kingdom. This is particularly useful for identifying which DNOs operate in which areas. View our distribution network operator map


Waveform cable, sometimes referred to as 'wavecon cable', is the standard low voltage cable used to construct most new extensions to low-voltage power networks in the UK. The term waveform refers to the neutral /earth wires in the cable which are laid in a wave formation (not wrapped around the cable) to assist cable stripping when the jointer accesses the live conductors. 

substation LV Cable

With over 40 years experience supplying cable,  we always aim to provide a cost effective service to users of LV distribution systems. Our cable range conforms to all relevant British Standards and is PAT tested before it leaves our on-site testing facility.  Included in our range is all of the related cable and equipment found within the confines of a substation up to and including 33kV.