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Railway (FTN) Copper Trackside Cable - PE, PJF, CST

Railway (FTN) Copper Trackside Cable - PE, PJF, CST
Last modified 26/07/2021 11:07:20

Copper Trackside Cable, is heavily used in the rail & transport industry and is suitable for installation in trackside concrete cable, buried duct or directly in the earth. The cable produces no corrosive gases when burnt.

  • BS6360
  • Insulation to BS 6234
  • NR/PS/TEL/00015 (formerly RT/E/PS/00015)

Conductor: Solid Plain Annealed Copper Conductors
Insulation: PE (Polyethylene) Type 03
Water Blocking Compound: Petroleum jelly
Separator: Impregnated Paper and/or Non-Hygroscopic Tape
Inner Sheath: Polyethylene with Moisture Barrier of longitudinal AL/P (Aluminium / Polymer Tape)
Armouring: Corrugated Steel Armour
Sheath: Polyethylene
Sheath Colour: Black


Temperature limits: -25°C to +85°C
Conductors: Twisted pairs in 5/10 pair units
Core Identification: 2 twisted pair, colours as per PDF datasheet
Minimum Bending Radius: refer to individual manufacturer datasheet

For more information please consult a member of the Cleveland Cable Sales Team

Core IDs

See datasheet PDF for details



Code Description Qty / Metres  
13781 2X2X1/0.9 PE PJF CSTA PE 006/168061
13784 10X2X1/0.9 PE PJF CSTA PE 006/168063
13786 20X2X1/0.9 PE PJF CSTA PE 006/168064
13788 30X2X1/0.9 PE PJF CSTA PE 006/168065
13790 50X2X1/0.9 PE PJF CSTA PE 006/168066