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Railway Points Heater Cable - EPR, PCP - 1.5mm to 16mm

Railway Points Heater Cable - EPR, PCP - 1.5mm to 16mm
Last modified 26/07/2021 11:07:20

Point Heater Cables meetNetworkRail standardsandare specifically designed forpowering point heatingsystemsto protectthemduringcoldweatherandtheassociatedlowtemperatures. They are a heavy duty flexible cable which still offer good protection fromabrasion and mechanical damage whilst not being armoured.

  • BS6360
  • BS7655
  • NR/SP/ELP/40045 (Formerly R/E/PS/40045)

Conductor: Flexible Tinned Copper Conductor
Insulation: EPR Type GP4
Sheath: PCP Type EM2
Sheath Colour: Black


Voltage Rating: 300/500 Volts - dependent upon Network Rail application
Temperature limits:
-30°C to +70°C

Manufactured to Network Rail specification NR/SP/ELP/40045 (formerly R/E/PS/40045)

For more information please consult a member of the Cleveland Cable Sales Team

Core IDs
4 core

Yellow Yellow Blue Blue

8 core

Yellow Yellow Blue Blue Brown Brown Black Black



Code Description Qty / Metres  
3184PH1/5 4X1.5 EPR,PCP, POINT HEATER CABLE 006/150002
3188PH1/5 8X1.5 EPR,PCP POINT HEATER CABLE 006/153102
3188PH2/5 8X2.5 EPR PCP POINT HEATER CABLE 006/153110
6388PH4 8X4 EPR,PCP POINT HEATER CABLE 006/153103 BS EN 50525-2-21
6388PH6 8X6 EPR, PCP POINT HEATER CABLE 006/153111 BS EN 50525-2-21
6388PH10 8X10 EPR PCP POINT HEATER CABLE 006/153112 BS EN 50525-2-21
6388PH16 8X16 EPR PCP POINT HEATER CABLE 006/153113 BS EN 50525-2-21