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6941AB Mains Cable 3.3kV - BS6724, XLPE, AWA, LSZH - 120mm to 630mm

6941AB Mains Cable 3.3kV - BS6724, XLPE, AWA, LSZH - 120mm to 630mm
Last modified 07/01/2022 16:01:56

6941AB 3.3kV LSZH mains cable, most commonly used in power networks. Within AC circuits, as well as providing mechanical protection, the aluminium armour also prevents magnetic build up. The cable can be used is public places where increased safety is required due to the Low smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) outer sheath.

  • BS6724
  • BS EN 50267 (IEC 60754-1)
  • BS EN 50268 (IEC 61034)
  • IEC 60332-1, IEC 60332-3
  • BS EN 50265, Category C
  • BS EN 50266

Conductor: Class 2 stranded copper conductor according to BS EN 60228 (previously BS 6360)
Insulation: Cross Link Polyethylene (XLPE)
Bedding: Low smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH)
Armour: Aluminium Wire Armour (AWA)
Sheath: Low smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH)


Voltage Rating: 1900 to 3300 Volts
Temperature Limits: -25°C to +90°C
Minimum Bending Radius: As per cable manufacturer datasheet

Should not be installed at temperatures below 5°C or above 60°C

For more information please consult a member of the Cleveland Cable Sales Team

Core IDs

Brown (Inner)



Code Description Qty / Metres  
6941AB120/3 1X120 CU,XLPE,LSZH,AWA,LSZH,BLACK,BS6724 3.3KV
6941AB150/3 1X150 CU,XLPE,LSZH,AWA,LSZH,BLACK,BS6724 3.3KV
6941AB185/3 1X185 CU,XLPE,LSZH,AWA,LSZH,BLACK,BS6724 3.3KV
6941AB240/3 1X240 CU,XLPE,LSZH,AWA,LSZH,BLACK,BS6724 3.3KV
6941AB300/3 1X300 CU,XLPE,LSZH,AWA,LSZH,BLACK,BS6724 3.3KV
6941AB400/3 1X400 CU,XLPE,LSZH,AWA,LSZH,BLACK,BS6724 3.3 KV
6941AB500/3 1X500 CU,XLPE,LSZH,AWA,LSZH,BLACK,BS6724 3.3 KV
6941AB630/3 1X630 CU,XLPE,LSZH,AWA,LSZH,BLACK,BS6724 3.3 KV