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PAS5308 / BS5308 Cable

PAS5308-BS5308 Part1,Type1


PAS5308-BS5308 Part1,Type2


PAS5308-BS5308 Part2,Type1


PAS5308-BS5308 Part2,Type2


BS5308 Cable / PAS5308 Cable, Instrumentation cable- This cable has an assigned British Standard (BS) which covers the requirements for a range of Instrument signal cables, most commonly split into two parts.

Instrumentation cables are found in a vast array of applications but predominantly in communications and telecoms, automation, water treatments, oil gas and petrochemical along with the building and construction industry.

Cable Specifications:
Part 1: Covers polythene insulated cables mainly found in the petro chemical industry
Part 2: Covers PVC cables more commly found in the chemical and petro chemical industry