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PAS5308 Part1/Type1 Instrumentation Cable, Individually Screened

PAS5308 Part1/Type1 Instrumentation Cable, Individually Screened
Last modified 28/10/2021 10:10:42

Manufactured to PAS5308, instrumentation cables are intrinsically safe and designed for use in communication and instrumentation applications in and around process industries for transmission of signals in control systems. The signals can be analogue or digital from a variety of sensors and transducers.

  • PAS5308
  • BS 50265
  • BS EN/IEC 60332-3-24
  • Flame propagation to BS4066 Pt1

Conductor: Plain Annealed Copper Conductors
Insulation: Polyethylene (PE)
Arranged: Laid up to form pairs
Tape: Individual and collective aluminium/mylar tape screen complete with 0.5mm2 drain wire
Sheath: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Sheath Colour: Blue or Black


Voltage Rating: 300/500 volts
Temperature Limits: -20°C to +65°C
Minimum Bending Radius: As per cable manufacturer datasheet

For more information please consult a member of the Cleveland Cable Sales Team



Code Description Qty / Metres  
7112 2X2X16/0.2 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCRN BLK PAS5308
7112 2X2X16/0.2 PT1,TY1, ICAT BLUE PAS5308
7113 5X2X16/0.2 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCRN BLK PAS5308
7113 5X2X16/0.2 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCRN BLUE PAS5308
7114 10X2X16/0.2 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLK PAS5308
7114 10X2X16/0.2 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLUE PAS5308
7115 20X2X16/0.2 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLK PAS5308
7115 20X2X16/0.2 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLUE PAS5308
7116 30X2X16/0.2 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLK PAS5308
7116 30X2X16/0.2 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLUE PAS5308
7117 50X2X16/0.2 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLK PAS5308
7117 50X2X16/0.2 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLUE PAS5308
7149 2X2X24/0.2 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLK PAS5308
7149 2X2X24/0.2 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLUE PAS5308
7150 5X2X24/0.2 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLK PAS5308
7150 5X2X24/0.2 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLUE PAS5308
7151 10X2X24/0.2 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLK PAS5308
7151 10X2X24/0.2 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLUE PAS5308
7152 20X2X24/0.2 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLK PAS5308
7152 20X2X24/0.2 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLUE PAS5308
7153 30X2X24/0.2 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLK PAS5308
7153 30X2X24/0.2 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLUE PAS5308
7154 50X2X24/0.2 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLK PAS5308
7154 50X2X24/0.2 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLUE PAS5308
7185 2X2X7/0.53 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLK PAS5308
7185 2X2X7/0.53 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLUE PAS5308
7186 5X2X7/0.53 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLK PAS5308
7186 5X2X7/0.53 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLUE PAS5308
7187 10X2X7/0.53 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLK PAS5308
7187 10X2X7/0.53 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLUE PAS5308
7188 20X2X7/0.53 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLK PAS5308
7188 20X2X7/0.53 PT1,TY1,ICAT,SCR BLUE PAS5308