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DNO Medium Voltage Cables 11KV &33KV

DNO Power Network


Cleveland Cable Company hold the UK's largest stock of power distribution cables. This includes our fully comprehensive range of cables used by electric utilities (DNOs) from low voltage to medium voltage connections and extra high voltage cables covering applications across transmission and distribution.

UK DNO map

  Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks

  SP Energy Networks

  Electricity North West

  Northern Powergrid

  UK Power Networks

  Western Power Distribution


11kV Triplex cables

11kV Triplex cables supplied in adherence with specifications from DNOs such as Northern Power Grid, UK Power Network, Western Power Distribution, Electricity North West and Scottish Power Energy Networks. 

Low Voltage Waveform Cables

0.6/1kV voltage rated LV Waveform cables featuring 3 or 4 core solid segmented aluminium conductors. XLPE insulated with PVC or LSZH outer sheath, LV Waveform cables are service cables, commonly used in final connections to properties. Conforms generally to BS7870 and IEC/EN 60228. DNO approved.

Split Concentric cables & Straight Concentric Cables

Available with either solid aluminium or stranded copper conductors, concentric cables are service cables commonly used in final connections to domestic properties. DNO approved, available in single core or three core, and in a range of sizes.