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BS EN 50288 Cable

BS EN50288-7 Cable


BS EN 50288-7 is a sectional specification that covers multi-element cables suitable for connecting instruments and control systems for analogue or digital signal transmission. They may or may not be screened and optionally may incorporate armouring and/or moisture or environmental protection layers.

BS EN 50288-7:2005 Multi-element metallic cables used in analogue and digital communication and control. Sectional specification for instrumentation and control cables.

The cables shall have a mechanically robust construction and electrical transmission handling properties. The electrical, mechanical, transmission and environmental performance characteristics of the cables, related to their reference test methods are detailed.

BS EN 50288-7 is to be read in conjunction with BS EN 50288-1, which contains the essential provisions for its application. Cables covered by this specification have maximum rated voltages of 90 V, 300 V and 500 V a.c.

These cables shall not be connected directly to mains electricity supply or other low impedance sources. Multi-element cables for use in analogue, digital and control circuits are not designed to be used for power supply.

These cables should be installed in accordance with the applicable local and national regulations. Cables intended to have limited circuit integrity in a fire are not covered by this specification, but they are however under consideration for future editions.