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Mining & Drilling

The Cleveland Cable Company range of mining and drilling cables covers a myriad of applications from low and medium voltage control and power infrastructure for mobile equipment, through to cabling for pumps, cranes and other machinery. We can also supply a full range of cables for power supply, signalling and communications in the underground railways commonly associated with mining projects.

Our mining and drilling cables are designed and engineered to withstand exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light, oils, greases, salt-water and mechanical stress in order that critical interconnections be maintained and the risks of costly disruption due to failures minimised. Additionally, extra protection – such as anti-rodent braiding – is available for cables in at-risk locations.

Our cables are used worldwide, in projects such as gold, copper and platinum mining as well as coal and mineral extraction, providing the high uptimes and levels of service required by the major mining companies and contractors involved in such technologically and logistically complex operations.